I’m back bitches!


Now I’m sure we’ve all at some point been asked where our clothes are from so why not make some money out of it? ‘How can I do that?’ I hear you ask ..well…

A few things to know about 21 Buttons:

• It’s an app that lets you see what celebrities and influencers are wearing with a direct link to where you can buy these items yourself with a lil button.

• If an item isn’t available then some people link similar ones but the clever app links you up with some that are similar also.

You earn money everytime someone buys a tagged item on one of your posts – about 4-6% I think which doesn’t sound like much but I earned £20 in my first week for literally posting and tagging 2 pics. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always like that. I don’t have many followers but somehow those posts were seen by over 30,000 people so a fair few clicked on my links. My point being don’t worry about not having many followers because I think at the time I only had like 5 followers.


• Go to ‘My rewards’ to see how much you’ve earned. You can only click on ‘Get the money’ when you have £10 in your account and you need to have a Paypal to be able to transfer the money out.


Simple as that.






End notes:

• You can follow my 21 buttons here.



5 thoughts on “21 BUTTONS

  1. This is super helpful! I actually found a girl selling the shirt a celebrity wore in a YouTube video a while ago (cause it was sold out on the original site) on Depop and I got it haha if I were to get on 21 buttons, all my pictures would be shoes (:

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